Bukan kita je susah..

He lost His father before His birth..
He lost His mother on the way to visit his father's grave in Yathrib (now Madinah Al Munawwarah)..
At 6 years old, being taken care of His grandfather for 2 years, then He lost His grandfather..
His sons all passed away.. Then, his daughters passed away.
(He was left with one daughter that passed away 6 months after His 'wafat').
He was forced to leave His home city..
His companions were either killed or forced into exile..
He was boycotted and abused..
His beloved wife died at a critical time and so did His uncle..
He faced many other trials and tribulations.
It was said about Him : "I never saw anyone more tested with pain.."
Yet He never complaint once before ALLAH SWT..
He is our beloved Prophet, our teacher Muhammad (SAW) The Pearl of Creation and The Most Beloved to ALLAH (SWT)!

I love prophet Muhammad SAW.

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